This week and weekend have honestly been rough, yet semi-productive. I have had a lot of trouble culminating motivation and wanting to create. At the beginning of the week and all through this weekend, I have been fighting off a pretty terrible bought of gastroparesis and have been sick pretty much every time I eat. Through that, I’ve had to balance school and personal life, and trying to remain confident and happy through it all. On the bright side of things, the family and friends that I have to lean on are some of the best people in this world, and definitely are the reason that I am as sane as I am during all of this. I want to give a big shoutout to my incredible dogs as well, because honestly nothing is better than having a big, fluffy, loving creature to lay down with when you’re not feeling your best. Today I share a photo of my sweet golden doodle Hank, who fulfills his cuddling duties to the highest standard.

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