Family Photo Portrait

PHO-221 Family
PHO-221 Family
PHO-221 Family

Exhaustion, Frustration, Etc.

There is nothing more difficult than feeling like you can’t quite get things correct. This week has totally been that time! I feel like the “October wall” of the semester has hit me faster than I could see it coming. I can see that everyone needs a break, and I can tell that when my health is continually declining throughout the week, and the stress continues to pile, things don’t end well academically. I’m hoping that the rest of this upcoming week until fall break goes nicely.

I think it’s important to remember that in times like this, everyone gets frustrated, and everyone needs moments to meditate. And, just as it is in every ecosystem, we all must recognize and respectfully and mutually understand each other’s stressors and personal situations. So to all you RCC photo kids, kudos. Keep up the good work, I know you’re stressed and tired too.

Here’s a photo I took in some nice light today-

Senior Time

The time has come where Mia is feeling super exhausted and a little bit crazy! Today, I did my senior video active portrait and my still photos. My lovely model is the sweet-as-can-be Alissa Traffie! I am so grateful that she was willing to bear with me during this entire session because I used up about 3 hours of her time.

I’ve felt really jumbled up this week but things are going ok! I’m hoping that this week will go better than last. As always, we can start feeling the stress piling and the assignments building, but I am as excited as ever to keep trucking along. It’s getting exciting to watch growth happen and see new talents bloom. In light of that statement, here’s Alissa in some golden rods from this evening.

PHO-211 Senior On Location

Anyways, What I did on Saturday

Saturday was quite the busy day! In the morning, I went to the Durham Pride festival, which was undoubtedly the most beautiful and happy event I’ve ever been to, and it totally uplifted my ill spirits. There, I made an event video for multimedia and watched a spectacle of rainbows and love unfold before my eyes. Next, I went home, gathered my gear and releases, and went off to photograph my on location bridals. I had the best time doing these!

My lovely model is Anjili, who taught me so much about traditional Indian wedding culture. We photographed around an old church in Durham as well as the American Tobacco Campus, which is surrounded by a rushing waterfall and architecture both new and old. I practiced overpowering my flash to get a dramatic effect and really dull down the bright sunlight.


This week and weekend have honestly been rough, yet semi-productive. I have had a lot of trouble culminating motivation and wanting to create. At the beginning of the week and all through this weekend, I have been fighting off a pretty terrible bought of gastroparesis and have been sick pretty much every time I eat. Through that, I’ve had to balance school and personal life, and trying to remain confident and happy through it all. On the bright side of things, the family and friends that I have to lean on are some of the best people in this world, and definitely are the reason that I am as sane as I am during all of this. I want to give a big shoutout to my incredible dogs as well, because honestly nothing is better than having a big, fluffy, loving creature to lay down with when you’re not feeling your best. Today I share a photo of my sweet golden doodle Hank, who fulfills his cuddling duties to the highest standard.


Quite honestly, creativity is something that I feel like I have to unleash more. To be perfectly frank, this weekend was a really tough one. I was sick from my condition, and wasn’t really up to doing much except for trying to stay nourished. I took a photo of one of my Mom’s students, though! I think she’s pretty cute. She was laying on the rug and It seemed apparent to me that her expression looks a little bit dazed. Since the carpet she’s chilling on is space themed, I was lead to think that in black and white, it would look a little bit like she was floating in the sky. Taking this photo made me happy, and my small amount of ill-driven creativity in combination with my own spacing out made for a happy image and cute memory.